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Unlimited Agency Packages Starting @ $1,000/month

Lead Gen / Advertising (Digitals and Traditional)

Fresh leads are of the utmost importance for any campaign, lead generation directly grows consumer interest and helps to close more sales. We help you run Facebook ads, build your online authority, and generate high-quality leads for you to follow up with.

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Audio / Visual / Media

People connect with your message deeper when they can listen to or see something of interest. We have been editing/producing A/V collectively for 30+ years, our team can handle any multimedia projects you need taken to completion.

Social Media Marketing and Clean Up

Social channels are undeniably the most effective method to reach consumers and educate them about who you are and what you can do for them. Maintaining these channels can be quite the challenge, we craft engaging posts on a regular basis and put it on autopilot for you.

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Managed Web Hosting and Cloud Services

We are available 24/7 to ensure customers do not experience down time and can obtain fixes with an impressive turnaround time. Any mission-critical project needs to be hosted on cutting-edge cloud network solutions, come to us for top-notch support to your specific needs.

Graphic Design and Branding

Everything begins with your brand, it’s got to be perfect. Web traffic is especially valuable, and you cannot miss an opportunity to impress. Our team will go to great lengths to ensure you receive thoughtful design work. Every brand has a story and we know how to tell it. Let our team of highly-skilled graphic designers take care of all your graphic design and image needs. Our keen eye for design takes your brand to that next level, and helps you stand out among your competition.

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Website Design and Development

Your website is the first thing folks see when they search for you online, their first impression is quite important. We create and maintain highly functional websites, when it comes to full-stack development we can solve any problems that arise.

Public Relations and Copywriting

You must drive awareness to stand out in a competitive and saturated marketplace. By steering the conversation, PR helps to keep your image favorable to consumers. Let our team of experience copywriters craft on-brand messaging for your website, blog, press releases, ads, whatever you need!

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Facilitated Affiliate Programs

On your behalf, we can tap into affiliate networks and link you with independent online marketers who promote products or services for a commission. We manage your affiliates, provide them needed assets, track their sales, and represent you in the process.

Your Partner in Success

We can help you grow your business, giving you the information, tools, and assistance in project delivery that it takes to be successful.

So what exactly is GIANT?

Here at GIANT we have passion for helping brands, products, and ideas reach their potential. We provide a comprehensive suite of services: lead gen / advertising (digital and traditional), audio / visual / media, social media marketing and clean up, managed web hosting and cloud services, graphic design and branding, website design and development, public relations and copywriting, and facilitated affiliate program… Let’s find out what we can get done for you!

We can help you grow your brand, giving you the information, tools, and assistance in project delivery that it takes to scale quickly. We know the time and effort that needs to be applied to achieve an effective marketing strategy, and that is why GIANT works closely with you! We take an in-depth look at your goals and your audience, and then create a custom approach and see it through with you.

Feeling discouraged? Tired of wasting time and money on marketing with nothing to show for it? Not seeing the growth in revenue you should be? GIANT can obtain fast results on a variety of fronts simultaneously, while maintaining a true level of thoughtfulness to the work we deliver.

[basix_icon_text heading=”Want Phones Ringing?” icon=”feather-phone-call” icon_size=”32″]Successful marketing is demonstrated by new business, let us show you results. We can give you access to our custom-built CRM environment to manage things. You can even deploy reps in our call center to run sales.[/basix_icon_text]
[basix_icon_text heading=”Establish Global Reach” icon=”feather-wifi” icon_size=”32″]Market to your a local audience, or go with global targeting, we can go as micro or as macro as you’d like. Whatever demographic you want to reach, we can devise a strategy to target in on that audience.[/basix_icon_text]
[basix_icon_text heading=”Generate New Leads” icon=”feather-layers” icon_size=”32″]We are masters of lead generation and can help you both strategize and launch sales funnels, ad campaigns, and manage them longterm.[/basix_icon_text]
[basix_icon_text heading=”Experience Growth!” icon=”feather-slack” icon_size=”32″]One of the most exciting feelings in business is the growth of your project. We help force-feed the growth you’re looking for, to make you into a GIANT.[/basix_icon_text]
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Protect Your Time

Stay focused on what you’re good at, and let someone else carry some of the water, we help you build to scale!

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Become a (ROCK) Star

We can help you establish a presence internationally and impress your brand on the minds of people everywhere.

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Catalyze Your Growth

Every brilliant idea needs a creative zap of genius, often from an outside perspective so it can truly become giant.

We love to listen and give feedback.

Have any projects in mind?

How it Works…

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Submit a Work Request

The first step is thinking of what tasks you need done and breaking them down into steps, that way you can delegate your work requests quickly and keep things efficient.

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Our Team Works on the Request

Shortly after a work request is submitted, your dedicated project manager will be in touch to help move things along and get your work requests completed.

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The Results Are Delivered!

Usually within 24-48 hours, your work request is processed and the project deliverables (final files, images, web design edits, etc.) are updated in your work request ticket.

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Ready to Submit Your 1st Work Request?

Anything you’ve been wanting to get done but for some reason (probably lack of sleep) you haven’t been able to? We can help propel it to completion!