GIANT Portfolio

We care about providing value and our focus is on getting results.

Here are a few clients that have undergone a GIANT transformation.




Lolly provides an invaluable service. Its app connects consumers everywhere to special offers on their favorite brands – no matter where the brands are being sold.

It gives brands, including local businesses, unparalleled power to reach consumers wherever they are. It allows consumers to find great deals, and buy more of the brands they love.

This stellar product deserved stellar design to help brands and consumers understand how valuable it is.

That’s where GIANT came in. With a total re-branding, we gave Lolly a Fortune 500 look and a simple, impressive, easy-to-navigate website.

Affordable Managed Web Hosting
Web Hosting and Branding Company


Advisor Fuel


Advisor Fuel is a great example of a great idea. With advising, coaching, and consulting industries booming, savvy experts are looking to turn their experience and expertise into a new income stream. The Advisor Fuel team members are experts in doing exactly that.

But there’s a problem: even the best idea can’t recruit clients without stellar advertising and web presence.

That’s where GIANT comes in: we helped Advisor Fuel founders design a web presence that pops, and makes it easy for potential clients to instantly book appointments with their experts.


Rebuild Puerto Rico


Our partner’s know Puerto Rico’s value. Many of them even live on the beautiful island with its low cost of living and unparalleled quality of life. But in the wake of a recent storm, Puerto Rico’s infrastructure was left in shambles, with the U.S. government offering little support for its citizens in the country.

That’s why we helped produce fundraising ads to rebuild Puerto Rico. Our partners seek to modernize the energy grid to outperform older infrastructures – and provide more security in the future.

We provide the images, film clips, music, and copywriting to make this vision a reality.


Campaign Digital


With rapidly changing trends in how audiences respond to information, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we offer services like those we’ve provided to Campaign Digital.

We create streamlined, professional, and visually appealing flyers and infographics to make it easy for your audience to understand what you can do for them.

Our design team helps you make sure your audience gets the message.


Doctor Campaigns


Doctor Campaigns was built to help medical professionals connect with new clients, via digital advertising. We helped Doctor Campaigns find a logo that speaks to their industry.

With a clientele consisting of doctors, dentists, surgeons, chiropractors/acupuncturists and more, Doctor Campaigns helps their clients keep a continuous flow of new leads coming through their offices.

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Advertising Agencies

Pitch Deck

SOFA, The Society for Financial Awareness


Finance makes our world go round. Billions of dollars are moved and created each day, often resulting in profit for businesses and individuals who know how to invest and protect their assets. But so few people have this knowledge. This means most of us are locked out of the systems that make profit grow.

The Society for Financial Awareness seeks to change this by bringing financial education and community-building to businesses and neighborhoods around the world. But most finance experts aren’t expert designers or copywriters. Like all great ideas, they also needed other skills to get the job done.

We created a visually stunning and compelling pitch deck for them to present to individuals and businesses. Now they can impress financial advisors & seminar attendees in SOFA’s effort to help spread financial education across America.