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Lead Gen / Advertising

New consumers are the lifeblood of your business. We generate high-quality leads, giving you the chance to form lifelong relationships with people who need your product. Through Facebook ads, authority-building, and more, we establish you as an expert, drive sales, and keep your business growing.

Lead Generation & Advertising - Digital Marketing Agency
Web Design Agency

Audio / Visual / Media

Give your business the polished, professional look of a full media franchise with expert audio and visual production. Our team has thirty years of experience producing videos, podcasts, and more to engage consumers in this increasingly audiovisual culture. Let us be your production team.

Social Media Marketing and Cleanup

It’s not enough to join your consumers’ friends network with a social media channel. That social media presence represents your business to all who see it – so it must be polished, professional, consistent, and expertly handled.

Let our social media experts craft your company image and maintain a social media presence that shines. Let us worry about keeping your fans engaged, so you can focus on developing and delivering stellar products.

Social Media Marketing & Cleanup - - Digital Marketing Agency
Web Hosting and Branding Company

Managed Web Hosting and Cloud Services

Got a lot of online content or services? Let us host them for you. We are available 24/7 to keep your operation up and running, ensuring a great experience for customers and team members alike. Any mission-critical project needs to be hosted on cutting-edge cloud network solutions. Come to us for top-notch support that is specific to your needs.

Graphic Design and Branding

Brand relationships are formed by cues so subtle, you may not even consciously recognize them. Customers identify brands and decide how to feel about them based on precise patterns of color, shape, tone, and style.

Let our team of experts create a brand that gets across your message in every color and curve. Drive web traffic by being highly recognizable, and highly thought-of, from the very first glance.

Graphic Design & Branding - Digital Marketing Agency
Website Design & Development - Digital Marketing Agency

Web Design and Development

Consumers’ first impression of your products and services is based on your website. So make sure it’s a great one! We offer smooth, streamlined, modern web solutions to make your startup look like a Fortune 500 and keep customers coming back.

Public Relations and Copywriting

If you don’t start conversations about your brand, someone else will. So drive the conversation using polished, professional copy to ask – and answer – the thought-provoking questions in your industry.

Let our experienced writers and public relations experts show your customers that your brand sees their challenges and triumphs – and that it has their back.

Public Relations & Copywriting - Digital Marketing Agency
Managed Affiliate Programs - Digital Marketing Agency

Managed Affiliate Programs

Giant’s affiliates network provides independent, expert marketers who promote your products and services for a commission. 

Working on commission means that these marketers only get paid when you do, so you know you’ll get results.

Your Partner in Success

Let us help you grow. We’ll focus on the marketing, so you can focus on your product.

What is GIANT ?

Quite simply, GIANT is a brand built on helping other brands. We started GIANT because we have a passion for helping brands, products, and ideas reach their potential. 

If you have an online business, you know the importance of having a stellar brand managed and promoted by digital experts. But you probably didn’t start your business to spend your time managing a social media account – you have to focus on creating the best products and services for your customers. 

Our comprehensive suite of services brings together experts to provide for all your digital needs in one place. 

How Can We Help?

We know that every business is different, so all of GIANT’s services start with an in-depth consultation to determine what your brand needs most to allow you to scale and grow. To tell us a little bit more about yourself and get some free expert advice, you can use our “Request a Quote” feature above. Our team of experts will take a look at your business’ needs, and lay out a game plan for how we can take your brand to the next level together.

Branding Agency

Want Phones Ringing ?

Successful marketing is demonstrated by new business, let us show you results. We can give you access to our custom-built CRM environment to manage things. You can even deploy reps in our call center to run sales.

Web Design Company

Generate New Leads

We have mastered sales funnels, ad campaigns, and social media management. Let us bring you new potential customers through polished, colorful, and compelling introductions to your brand.

Brand Marketing Firm

Establish Global Reach

Market to your a local audience, or go with global targeting, we can go as micro or as macro as you’d like. Whatever demographic you want to reach, we can devise a strategy to target in on that audience.

Branding Company

Experience Growth!

One of the most exciting feelings in business is the growth of your project. We help force-feed the growth you’re looking for, to make you into a GIANT.

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