Managed Affiliate Programs

Connecting you to all-star affiliates.


Most online ads are placed through companies that specialize solely in ad placement. Their entire operation is dedicated to placing ads to optimize their targeting and clicks. They work on commission, receiving a share of the revenue received by the advertiser, so you know they’re serious about optimizing ad performance.

Our ad placement agency affiliates will run ads for you in some of the most high-traffic areas on the web. These “managed affiliate programs” allow you to access huge audiences and the expertise of ad placement specialists.

Get more bang for your buck — our affiliates work for a portion of ad revenue, you pay 10% of the profits from our endeavors, but only if you get paid!

Run an affiliate campaign with GIANT to:

Broaden Your Audience

Reach audiences who have previously shown interest in products similar to yours. Our affiliates can advertise on your behalf locally or globally.

Generate Free Traffic

Our affiliate’s ads will drive traffic to your website. And if you don’t see revenue coming in from it, you don’t pay!

Increase Page Ranking

More traffic and more mentions in online ads means higher page ranks. That means your website will move closer to the top of the search results page.