Hiring employees is one of the most important parts of running a business. The employees that you hire often either make or break the particular season that your business is in, which is why, as a business owner, it is imperative that you develop the most effective and discerning hiring process.

Why you want to add employees to your team

Hiring new employees opens your business to a number of benefits. When you add a great employee to your team, you have the ability to progress your business, as well as bring new motivation and creativity to your team. The right hire can be a breath of fresh air and a spark of life in your business. So while you’re searching for new employees, make sure your process is discerning enough to draw the top-notch candidates out from the batch.

When to hire new employees

Oftentimes an employee will be taking on a handful of various roles and responsibilities. Though there is a time and a place for this, it can also be a sign that your team is too small and it is time to begin the hiring process. When your employees are taking on too many jobs for too long, they can get worn out and their work can end up suffering. Taking on new employees is the best solution.

Other signs that you might want to begin the search for new employees are that you are unable to take time off, you have a need for special capabilities, you have a high employee turnover rate, needing to extend deadlines, and frequently paying overtime. If your business is experiencing one or more of these struggles, then it is a good idea to begin looking to add employees to your team.

What to look for in potential employees

Your employee search is going to depend on your business. If you are a new company or a start-up, you will be looking to hire different people than a more established company. A new company is going to need go-getters, creatives, those looking to be a part of something new and extraordinary. It takes a specific type of person to come on board beside an entrepreneur and walk alongside them, breathing life and energy into their endeavors.

Established businesses will focus more on hiring people to continue and keep up the processes and structure already set in place. An established business may, on occasion, be looking for fresh ideas and new beginnings, but overall they are just looking to continue on and journey towards success in what they are already doing.

These may be simple ideas, yet they can mean the difference between a new business taking off or staying still. When going through the following hiring process, especially once you reach the interview process, you will want to keep these ideas in mind.

When you are looking for new employees, make sure to narrow your prospects down by reviewing their resumes. Insure that your screening process includes certain criteria that allow you to immediately filter out prospects. Look for evidence of the prospect’s past employment, relevant skills and experience, history of longevity in employment, and progression in a company.

Once you have determined which of your applicants will move forward in your hiring process, you will need to conduct interviews. Your interviews should also include specific aspects that filter out the applicant or allows them to progress in your process. Take notes to help you keep track of who said what.

You will also want to check your applicant’s references for additional information about them. These references can give you a great look at the prospect and help you understand if your idea of them matches up to their experience.

When you have narrowed your field of prospects down to a few top candidates, you will need to make a decision about who to hire. Consider the various aspects you have learned about each candidate. This includes their resume, goals, personality, references, and skills. Imagine how they would fit with your team and if you think they would be a positive addition.

Your business is made up of a team of employees that represent you and your brand. Hiring the right people to fill those shoes can be daunting, but if you follow the tried and true hiring process and choose the person that appears to be the best fit for your team, you can rest assured that you will find someone to help take your business to the next level.

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