The use of CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software, has become much more popular in recent years.

All the biggest companies are using it now. Of the most used CRM software options, Salesforce is the most widely recognized and arguably the best.

Using a CRM enhances your relationship with your customers, optimizes your marketing strategy, and helps you create a clear and easily trackable sales process.

In this article we will discuss what using a CRM in your business can do for you.

Four reasons why you should be using the power of CRM:

One: All your data and information is easily accessible in one place. Your employees will thank you for keeping everything organized and easily accessible to them. They can quickly pull up a client account and see all the relevant information such as their contact information and any relevant leads and opportunities.

Two: Communication with your customers is hugely increased. When your customer service rep is on the phone with a client, they can see information related to past purchases, preferences, and history with that customer. This helps them make informed decisions as to how they can best be of assistance and create a good experience.

Three: Everyday tasks can be fully automated. CRM can be setup to automatically send emails or fulfill any number of other small tasks to save your employees time. This way your employees can spend more time focused on the important things like closing deals and keeping the customers happy.

Four: CRM can automatically create reports for you based on information that you select and filter to your liking. You can display this information in an easy to understand fashion on a dashboard and easily create beautiful visual representations of your data. Customize your sales reps homepages to show them useful information like how many leads they have generated this week, the percentage of those that were converted, and the number of deals that they have closed.

Look into Salesforce as a solution for your CRM needs. It can be tricky to setup and implement, but that’s why we are here. We have several Salesforce Certified professionals who can get you set up and get everything organized for you. We are here to help you troubleshoot or resolve any problems that you run into. Contact us to learn more!