When you’re just starting a business, you’ll have a giant list of strategies and obstacles to consider, but one of the most important and yet most overlooked aspects is branding.

Despite there being millions of brands out there, most of us can recognize the big players – which are usually competitors. Due to the advent of online shopping, social media, brand ambassadors, influencers, let alone that most of the popular brands have been around for many decades, it can seem close to impossible to create a stand-out brand that brings you success and recognition.

That’s why it is so important to create the brand identity that you want to be known for. This means focusing on the overall experience you want to offer to your target market. Become the brand that people want to do business with, and you will stand out amongst your competition.



It can be incredibly difficult to gain visibility for your business when it feels like everyone else is doing the same things that you are, especially considering the large number of platforms your competitors utilize for marketing and networking. Therefore, focusing on creating a unique brand that endears you to your target market will make you visible and help you stand out in the sea of other brands.

One way to create an eye-catching brand is by determining what you want people to think of when they hear your name or see your product. What adjectives do you want people to use when they describe you? While this may seem simplistic, it serves as a great starting point for developing the brand identity you need.

Once you know what you want people to think of your brand, you can set about taking steps to make it happen. You will need to figure out your target market as well as other details that are part of the image your brand promotes, including how to appeal to the emotions and even economic standpoint of your target market.



Your brand is going to need consistent images and ideas that people use to identify you and distinguish you from other similar businesses. When a person sees one of your images you want them to instantly recognize that it is your brand and subconsciously agree with what your brand stands for. Some areas to consider when developing your brand are:


  • Logo

Consider all of the brands you know with recognizable logos. You see the logo and immediately know who it belongs to. Not only that, but you can have emotions connected to that logo; it either stirs up appreciation and loyalty for that brand or makes you want to avoid it altogether.

You want to create a logo that people will recognize, will stir up positive emotions, and will remind them of your business, product, and what your brand stands for.


  • Colors, fonts, and images

The choice of colors and fonts that you use in your logo, website design, marketing, and on social media will all be associated with your brand and what your brand stands for. Choose wisely so that you don’t need to change your brand identity later. The goal is to create and maintain a consistent, positive brand for consumers.


  • Purpose

Consider your purpose, your value, your heart. What is the one thing that makes your brand special? Decide what your brand’s main focus will be and stick with it. This purpose will turn into the reason that you do what you do, and it is what you will use to lead your marketing efforts. This is what attracts consumers to you and builds loyalty.

Consumers will know that when they purchase your product they are supporting something worthy, and they will be emotionally drawn to it because you handpicked your target market and developed your purpose based on their needs. Your purpose makes your customers feel connected with your brand and brings them comfort. This purpose creates buy-in and brand loyalty and makes your customers share your brand with others.


Building a brand from the ground up is a difficult but fascinating challenge. It’s easy to feel lost when you don’t have the experience to know the right steps to take when you are creating a new brand identity, but it can also be truly exciting to watch as your brand grows into something unique, purposeful, and engaging.


From choosing an effective brand name and taglines to font and color palette selection, Giant will be there for you every step of the way. Contact us anytime to see first hand how we can help you achieve a stunning brand identity.