Have you ever seen those short articles that announce a company’s latest news online? Maybe it’s announcing a new partner, a merger of two companies, or even a re-branding.


This is what is known as a press release, and it is necessary for every business aiming to grow. However, many companies ignore or don’t see the importance of press releases. And this needs to change.


What is a press release?


A press release is a short (350-500 word) article aimed to inform the general public, your customers, and your employees about any changes, improvements, or advancements made in your company. However, press releases are more than just a blurb about what’s going on; you are taking the opportunity to remind people about your business, and what it can offer them.

Just because you own a business doesn’t mean that you have the right connections to bloggers, newspapers, and journalists, but a well-written press release can change that in no time.


Five advantages of having press releases written for your business.


  • Traffic for your website. Writing about something new and exciting in your business encourages people to visit your site and learn more about your company. This increases your web traffic and, consequently, your potential sales.


  • Exposure. Talking about your company is good, especially when it’s something positive. A press release will help you reach more people and become a topic of interest.


  • SEO and backlinks. A well-written press release will include valuable backlinks and some SEO. That will allow for more clicks from both your links and search engine results.


  • Your content across different channels. As a company grows, it is easy to lose interest in the general population and focus solely on your target audience. Having something posted about your company can reach a new audience that is otherwise untapped.


  • Potential investors and new leads. Highlighting growth in your company is a great way to attract investors without seeming pushy. You are letting people know about new and exciting changes, which is of great interest to investors as well as potential customers.


All of the above is just a start. Using the power of a press release, you can spread the news of your company world-wide, gain valuable brand exposure, and create a permanent record of the changes you have incorporated into your company.


Do you have news that you’d like to announce to the world? Giant will help you prepare a professional press release and distribute it to major news networks and journalists. Contact us anytime for a free quote!